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The National Rigid Polyurethane Foam Conference, organized by ANPE and now in its 5th edition, is proposed as a meeting point between institutions, manufacturing industries, the academic world, professionals and operators of the various sectors involved in technological and application evolution of polyurethanes.
A multitematic and multidisciplinary event which, focusing above all on the construction sector, will dedicate ample space to the increasingly evident need for a global rethinking, both of materials and of design and construction processes, which privileges energy efficiency, protection the environment, the reduction of resources used and their future reuse within a supply chain based on the principles of a sustainable and circular economy.
The title of the Conference "TODAY for TOMORROW" intends above all to underline the commitment of the polyurethane industrial sector to contribute, with innovations and resources, to the ongoing cultural change.

National Association of Rigid Polyurethane Foam

The 5th National Rigid Polyurethane Foam Conference is promoted by the ANPE association.
ANPE - National Association of Rigid Polyurethane Foam - has been active for over 30 years and groups together producers of raw materials and transformers who have, as a common denominator, the use of rigid polyurethane foam in products or artifacts intended for thermal insulation.
The association includes the major national producers of insulating panels with flexible coatings, rigid foam sheets as well as companies specialized in on-site application.
Supporting members of the Association are producers of raw materials, main and secondary, of formulated polyurethane systems, coatings and plants and machines.
To find out about ANPE activities: www.poliuretano.it

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